April 2020

Old Harry Rocks

This beautiful image was taken from a Kayak on the 07.05.18 on the sunny Bank Holiday. The stunning image shows the ‘Dark side of the rocks’ and the reflection in the water adds to the images tranquillity….

Bridge Over The Tamar

This was taken on the 07.5.17 whilst travelling down country lanes on the border of Devon and Cornwall. The Old bridge stands proudly offering a safe crossing over the River Tamar. Its history and memories of times gone by, locked in its stone foreve…

Fury Of The Sea

This shot taken from the shingle shows the force and fury of the sea. The life and movement with the seagulls dancing in the surf, brings this dramatic picture to life.

Man 'O' War Bay Sunrise

This view was taken on the 27.12.16, a rather chilly morning, but well worth it. The Suns warmth can almost be felt on your face. The fragments of light dancing on the water reaching towards you through the rocks enticing you to close your eyes………

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